Upcoming Story: A Starlit World

This week has been super busy between school projects and writing. I’m finishing up with midterms and trying to get as much done before Thanksgiving break as I can so I’ll be able to write more on my days off. I already have Monday’s story post ready and I’m currently working on finishing Wednesday’s post. I really hope you guys will enjoy the story I’ve written for you. So far I have three characters two are girls, one’s a boy. The first character I like a lot because she is outdoorsy, kind and a complete adventurer. The second girl is a bit more feisty, a natural born leader which will be really fun to write. The guy he’s a very caring person but is also someone no one wants to cross. I would tell you guys more but I really don’t want to give away the story. I do also plan on making visuals for the stories, some will be abstract paintings and others will be photography of “the world” the characters are in. For all of you that have been waiting, thank you for being patient, I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on and I really hope you like it. See you guys Monday with the opening of the story!

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