Weekly Thoughts ~ Time Management

                  One of my biggest struggles has always been time management or making time for something. A hobby of mine isn’t exactly reading books but collecting them on a book shelf just to look at, saying, one day I’ll read those. That’s just the beginning. I have a wide range of hobbies, writing, photography, drawing, painting, video games, sewing, hiking, camping, berry picking, and I’ve added two more to the pile: archery and guitar. Let’s not leave out that I still have a million in one things I want to add to this ever-growing hobby list. Sadly, there is never enough time in a day to do all these things and hold down a full-time job.

                 That’s when I realized, I have to make time. Instead of saying I have other things to do and not do the things I love. I have to be willing to plan the things I love into my day. Making time is why I get up early. So, then I will have at least an hour or two to write, an hour to exercise and some time to eat a proper breakfast. Waking up early allows me to spend the first few hours of my energy getting the things done that I want to get done. I also find ways to prioritize. I have had to learn to say, the things I love will get in the way of other things, other things will not get in the way of what I love.

                Making time doesn’t solve my problem completely, there are still a million things I want to do in a day, but it’s a start. Writing is my first love when it comes to hobbies, photography my second. A life without either of those, to me, is miserable. I need them. I crave them. And if I haven’t worked on either enough they haunt me with Ideas and this terrible realization that I am missing something in my life. Creating content is like a never-ending itch, I scratch it but given enough time it will return in full force. I have to create.

                I like to think writing and photography chose me, like a stay dog or cat that you find that decides to follow you home. When a hobby becomes that determined, I call it passion. It would be a disservice to myself to refrain from working on the very things that bring me joy. As for the others, I love them, and many of them are something I can easily do on the weekends. Regardless of whichever hobby I focus on, time is the valuable resource that I never seem to have enough of. Here’s to remembering to give myself that resource also.

                Maybe you guys have had this problem. Maybe you don’t. What has worked for you? How do you manage your busy life? Let me know! I am always up for new tips and ideas!

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