These Four Walls

Hey guys! These last few weeks have been hectic with finals and holidays and because of consistency I think it would be better for me to post once a week on Saturday. So, that’s what I plan on doing. I will write another update to A Starlit World next week, this week I was inspired to write a short story that I am thinking of expanding into a bigger work. Let me know what you guys think!

Running my fingers through my hair, I tried to blot out the screams outside the paper walls of my room. While I rummaged through my journals, I knew that the locks on my door are only buying me time. Peeling pages apart, I dug up every memory I had and ignored the clicking latches on the door. On the cold floor, I gripped my journal, counting each click before it came inside. The last click was followed by the creek of squeaky hinges. A pale skeletal hand opened the door, curling its fingers around the door frame. I could hear the chains rattle and knock against the door. Those chains are for me, to bring me to my familiar prison cell.

Four walls. One way out. I stand in the corner farthest from the door. The creature came in, weighed down by the shackles it carried on its back. Like a wild beast, I bolted for the open door only for one of the shackles to slip around my wrist. It yanked me back and I clawed at the cold metal, feeling the rough edges cut through the skin on my fingertips. The monster grabbed my other wrist, looping chains around my neck like a noose. Its hooded face hid its eyes away from me in shame while it locked the chains in place, ready to drag me back to where I escaped from.

Without trial or jury, I dragged my feet on the way to prison. I was a wild criminal with a mind of her own. It yanked me into the facility then threw me behind the bars of my own guilt, blaming me for a crime I don’t remember. I paced behind the bars, contemplating my crimes. With each recollection, I received the pieces I needed to plan my final escape.

Lighting the candle by the bed, I heard the hooded beast coming to my cell. I quickly hid the matches under my shirt, then stood to greet it.  As it unlocked the door, the candlelight caught a part of its frail old face. Enough for me to realize it was female. She beckoned me to follow her to the food courts, shackling my hands for her own safety. I followed behind her as she carried the chain, my feet shuffling the slack that dragged along the floor. I needed to know more. Her hood was lightly draped over her head, tempting me.

We got to the empty food courts when I couldn’t hold myself back anymore. Pulling off the hood, I unveiled a decrepit version of my own face. Her face was unkempt and distorted, and I put in the final piece of the puzzle. She had stolen my life. I took the matches from under my shirt, and as she turned to attack, I struck the match tossing it onto her black cloak. The flames took hold and swallowed her whole. As the flames rose, the shackles crumbled, and the prison disintegrated into ash that dusted my head and shoulders. Walking through the ash piles of the prison, I still had bloodstained hands, but I knew that the stains I had weren’t from the blood I had spilled.

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