Faith, Patience and Success

Hey guys! Happy Halloween! Yesterday I saw a video about one man who had lost his family. He lived out on barren land and decided to spend the rest of his life planting trees. This video really struck a chord with me, because he thoughtfully planted the trees knowing that not all of them would make it. Some would fail to grow, and some would grow but wouldn’t make it into adulthood. Yet, he still chose to go out every day and plant more acorns. This video touched on a lot of things for me but the things that really hit me was faith and patience.

I personally am not a patient person, and my faith is only present when it comes to religion. These are two qualities I find difficult, especially when it comes to having them towards myself. If I don’t see instant gratification, or I don’t do something perfectly the first time, I feel like I’m failing. It can be hard when you feel like you’re failing to keep trying. Maybe it’s just my generation, maybe it’s just the society we live in. If you don’t succeed you are failing and there are only those two places in the world.

But what about the places in the middle? Learning, waiting, assembling. The places that take patience. Where you can’t see the effects of your efforts, and you just have to…wait. Some of the best results come from places like these. For me, the things in my life that sit in these places are gardening, dating, college, job hunting, blogging. In all of those, except for college, there are very few signs along the way that tell you that you’re going in the right direction. So why do we patiently continue in the same direction when there’s no guarantee of success? Faith.

To thrive, I have found I need to have faith in myself and my efforts. Whether or not I succeed. Failure doesn’t always mean failure. Usually, it says I am still in the learning stage. Which is a place I need to learn to be comfortable in, especially if I want to get somewhere. Sometimes, I feel like instant success is for showing off. While success is nice and something we all want, the search for instant success is something we get used to bragging about while covering up our perceived failures. Maybe this isn’t the case for everyone. For me though, I find that the times I spend between success or failure are the times I genuinely spend doing something for myself. It’s the easy stuff that I like to show off. The hard stuff are the things that sit close to my heart like unearthed treasures. Those I rarely tell anyone. Because it’s not something I did for them, its something I did for myself, or because I felt it was the right thing to do.

Eventually, the man’s trees grew into a forest. The old man received no recognition for his efforts in creating the forest. Everyone assumed it was the work of nature. The only reason he didn’t receive any recognition for his efforts was because he didn’t tell them about what he did. What he did wasn’t for them, it was for himself. He wanted to do something good while in isolation. Good is something I think everyone can do. And it doesn’t start big. Just like that man’s forest began with acorns, our success begins with small everyday tasks. With a little faith and a little patience.

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