Back To School

I am finally back at BYU Idaho. It was a miracle that I made it to my apartment without losing something through travel. With a good start, it must mean a good semester ahead. Since then, unpacking has been the bane of my existence. I would show you guys the rest of my room if I weren’t terribly embarrassed by it.

Besides unpacking, I have enjoyed being back. The apples in the apple orchard on campus have already begun to ripen, and the weather hasn’t been anything less than perfect. This semester I get to take a gardening class, which means fresh produce during the fall. And, depending on how much produce I get, I plan on leaving bags of vegetables at peoples doors.

I can’t wait to get more photos for you all so you can see Idaho and all its natural beauty. I hope you guys are having a beautiful fall! And I’ll catch up with you guys soon!

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