A Starlit World : Who Am I Ep.2

“Mom, why don’t I look like anyone else?” She asked running her fingers through her strawberry blonde hair.

Her mother sighed, “You’re just different. There’s nothing wrong with that Isabelle.”

“But mom, I don’t even look like you.”

As Isabelle thought about her childhood, she watched fireflies dance around the wild flowers. Cupping her chin in her hands, she sighed, “I’ve never seen another person like me. I don’t even know where I’m from.”

Her mother draped a wing over her shoulders, “you’re from here darling, and I’ll have you know, it is quite refreshing to see someone different. It can get boring to have everything the same.”

She looked up at her mother, admiring the pearly white mask that hung over her shadow of a face. The antlers that sprouted from her mask were adorned with flowers and charms, bringing color to her pitch frame. Behind the mask were two eyes that glowed like fireflies, nothing else.

“Could there be a place where people look like me? Where people have more than eyes?” Isabelle asked.

“I don’t know darling.” Her mother pulled her in close, wrapping her with vulture wings, “I wish I could tell you, but I just don’t know.”

Isabelle laid her head on her mother’s shoulder. “Isabelle, please just remember that you are special. You can do things that no one else around you can do.”

“Be out in daylight.”

“Believe it or not that is a rare gift my dear. I know some who would give anything to be able to do that,” Her mother reminded her.

“I’ve already seen the one’s who have given everything.”

“Don’t talk of mad men dear. It’s unwise. Now come, let’s go back inside.” Her mother stood up beside her, lifting her up by the hand and directing her inside. Isabelle took one last look at the fireflies before following her mother into the cottage.

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