A Starlit World: Similarities Ep. 7

Johnathan left the Williams placing the mask he had been given over his face. He had three days to make it to the market before it began moving again however he was four days away. Leaving the seaside into the woods, he planned on not making camp for the day in hopes that he would get to the market in time. As he passed into the edge of the woods, the sun peered through the trees. He heard the rustle of bushes and spotted the top of a green tent. To his surprise, he saw a young woman with long strawberry blonde hair picking white berries a few feet from her camp.

He watched her intently, wondering if she had just recently come into this world. Turning to head back to camp, she spotted him and dropped her bag.

He removed his mask, “sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“You look like me,” she said softly, “who are you?”

“Johnathan,” he said, “why do you look so surprised?”

She picked up her bag and twisted the top in her hand, “I’ve never seen anyone like me before. I thought I was the only one.”

“Really?” Johnathan said, “how long have you lived around these parts?”

“All my life. My parents found me by a lake as a baby. I’m going back there to see if I can find anything about where I’m from.”

“I can help you with that you know,” Johnathan said, “but first I’ll need your help finding my brother.”


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