A Starlit World: New Beginnings Ep.5

Tossing her backpack onto her bed, Isabelle dug through her drawers pulling out everything she would want to take with her. Her mother knocked on the door then opened it to see Isabelle packing her backpack for what seemed to be a long trip.

“Where you going?” Her mother asked.

Isabelle paused and looked back at her bag, then at her mom, “I want to leave home and see if I can find other people like me.”

“You are really bothered by being different aren’t you,” Her mother said.

Isabelle shrugged, “no, I just want to know where I’m from. You told me you found me by a pond. I want to know who left me there.”

Her mother came and sat beside her, helping her fold the clothes she planned to take. “Then let me help you get everything you need together.”

They spent the rest of the night making sure Isabelle had enough money, clothes and portable shelter. Once she was all packed, Isabelle stood outside on the cottage porch beside her backpack, staring at the night sky.

When she hefted her backpack onto her shoulders, her mother stopped her, “If you ever get into trouble, I want you to use this.” She took off her silver locket and put it on Isabelle, “If you grip this tight and think of home, it will bring you back here to me. Whatever you need, if you’re in danger, I’ll find a way to get you out of it.”

Isabelle smiled and threw her arms around her mother one last time, “I’ll come back to see you someday, I promise.”


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