I have been a story teller ever since I can remember. As I’ve grown I have found different creative outlets to share my stories with others. First was writing, then it bled into photography. Since discovering these hobbies, I have had a desire to turn them into a passion and share the things I create with the world.

I grew up in Katy Texas then moved to Redmond Washington to discover what life was like to live on my own. Since then I have gone to school at BYU Idaho, received an English degree, and decided to follow my dreams of sharing my art. Throughout my life I have always felt a bit nomadic. I dream of settling down, yet something always seems to pull me away to somewhere else in the states. Through all the moving, I have seen many beautiful places, made fantastic friends and have grown to love the United States for its many natural wonders.

I dream of becoming a novelist and I also dream of being able to sell my photography. I decided to create a blog to try and combine the two since story telling and photography are the things I love the most. I’m really excited to see where this goes and I hope you all are too!

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