• A Starlit World: Escape Plans Ep. 8

    Under the low lights of the tent, Martha ran her fingers over the sealed letter the masked man had given her. “What you got there?” Alex asked her. She jumped and quickly shoved it in her bag, “Nothing.” “Sure, doesn’t…

  • A Starlit World: Similarities Ep. 7

    Johnathan left the Williams placing the mask he had been given over his face. He had three days to make it to the market before it began moving again however he was four days away. Leaving the seaside into the…

  • A Starlit World: Runaway Ep.6

    “Do you believe in aliens Isabelle?” Sally asked, her eyes glowing behind a mask of leaves while she and Isabelle laid in the grass watching the stars. Isabelle turned to her friend and furrowed her brow, “What makes you think…

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